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Alfred workflow for The Archive

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Download the latest release here: https://github.com/pryley/alfred-the-archive/releases


This workflow was inspired by Alfred Markdown Notes. There is no documentation at the moment, but it should be fairly self-explanatory once you have installed the workflow in Alfred.




As you can see, each of the available actions are on the same column in the screenshot above. For example, type ar to search your notes, arrandom to open a random note, arnew to create a new note from a template (templates are existing notes that are tagged as such), search all TODOs in notes and toggle them on/off, search for all existing tags, etc. I have included empty Hotkeys for each of the actions so you can set these yourself if desired.


Here is an example note template:

Title: {title}
Date: {date}
ID: {zettel_id}
Keywords: {tags} #template


The {content} tag is where the clipboard content goes if you have selected to paste the clipboard into the new note. 


There are a few options that you can set, use the arconfig keyword to change them. Holding down shift will open the Help file in Quickview for each option. You won't need to set the path to your notes as the workflow automatically gets the path saved in The Archive preferences.


The workflow uses OneUpdater for updates, so you will need to install that workflow to make use of it.


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The workflow requires the latest version of “The Archive” application (https://zettelkasten.de/the-archive/). Do you have it installed on your Mac? 

If so, I wonder if The Archive does not not save every setting in the preferences until the default value is changed (“isUsingIDForNewFiles” is the setting that determines whether or not a zettel ID is used for new notes). I probably should add some checks for that...


Until then, you may be able to fix this by opening The Archive preferences and toggling that option on and off again and see if that fixes it. 

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