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New Date Calculation in Snippets, Please

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Although I am relatively new to Alfred's PowerPack, I have been using the heck out of Snippets--especially since I was a TextExpander user.


However, it would be great to have more Date calculation capabilities. For example, if I want to write an email that says your response is due next Friday, I would love to have something like {date +Friday} as a way to say replace this with the date for next Friday. 


Just a thought.

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This is possible with a snippet workflow. With this example you can set a workflow variable to control the date format 




import os
import datetime

env = os.environ
date_format = env.get('date_format', '%Y-%m-%d')

d = datetime.date.today()
while d.weekday() != 4:
    d += datetime.timedelta(1)

print d.strftime(date_format),


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