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Dispatch Key Combo doesn't work for numpad keys


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Hi, I am using keyboard shortcut to control my Mission Control spaces,

e.g. Ctrl  + Cmd + Option + Numpad 7, etc.

But somehow when I am creating my workflow to dispatch the key combo, rather than triggering Numpad-7, it triggers the normal keychar of 7.

Is there a way to configure it so that I could send the signal as Numpad 7 instead (e.g. keycode 103 instead of keychar 7)

Thank you!

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@sub_o This is a side effect of Alfred being resilient in keyboard layouts which can change depending on the keyboard selected. Alfred keeps the character typed and looks up the code where relevant. Unfortunately, in your case, Alfred is looking up the top row numbers.


I'm going to treat this as a bug, as Alfred could really treat the numpad keys as special keys.  I'll move this thread into the bug forum, but it's not going to be fixed for 4.1 which is now code complete.




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