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AirPod Connector

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I know, it is an another AirPod Connector but I am an owner of 3 pairs of them, and I was not able to find an AirPod Connector which supports more than one pair. In addition, the WF runs out of the box without any configuration. 


Download on Git


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1 hour ago, Acidham said:

The Workflow requires blueutil

brew install blueutil


Would you like it not to require users to have to manually install the dependency? I can help you set up _sharedresources, if you’d like. blueutil is supported, as I use it in one of my Workflows.

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@Acidham Just like OpenUpdater, it’s meant to be as simple as possible.

  1. Add the script to your Workflow. Doesn’t matter where you put it; it’s wherever is convenient to you.
  2. Inside any script that requires blueutil, run /path/to/_sharedresources blueutil.
  3. Set the result of the previous command to the PATH environment variable.
  4. Call blueutil as usual.

In Bash you’d so something like (assuming _sharedresources and the script are in the same directory):

PATH="$(./_sharedresources 'blueutil')"
blueutil WHATEVER

In Ruby:

require 'open3'
ENV['PATH'] = Open3.capture2('./_sharedresources', 'blueutil').first
Open3.capture2('blueutil', WHATEVER)
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37 minutes ago, Acidham said:

what about Python?


I assumed it would be just as simple, but since you are a Pythonista and I’m not, I was confident you’d reach the best solution from my examples.

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I am on Catalina and no issues....


1. what is the output when you enter ...

blueutil -v

....in terminal?

2. What is log output of Alfred...open workflow and click on the bug on top right corner

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Same thing for me; nothing happens when I input the keyword. I downloaded the workflow and let the program download something. 


Here's my results:



Last login: Mon Jul  6 15:12:53 on ttys000

user@MacBook-Pro ~ % blueutil -v

zsh: command not found: blueutil

user@MacBook-Pro ~ %





[15:16:20.645] ERROR: AirPods Connector[Run Script] /Users/user/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/D0C9763C-E272-427B-8A49-1EAA4862E448:1: no such file or directory: /usr/local/bin/blueutil

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg




Update: After installing blueutil on terminal, it's working as intended now.


P.S.: Thanks! 👍

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