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Use a prefix to search Wikipedia

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Currently, using "wiki" as a keyword will search Wikipedia, e.g. "wiki hello" will get me the Wikipedia article for hello.


Can I also setup a way to automatically direct anything beginning with 'WP:" to Wikipedia? e.g. I'd like typing "WP:RS" into Alfred to search Wikipedia for WP:RS. WP: is a shorthand for Wikipedia namespace pages. Currently I'd have to type "wiki WP:RS". Not sure if this is possible out of the box, or if it's even possible for me to make a Workflow to do this? The key part is that I don't want the "wiki " prefix if the search query begins with "WP:"

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@aph Welcome to the forum :) With the Powerpack, you could create a workflow to do much of what you want (e.g. show Alfred in "Wikipedia mode" without prefixing with a keyword), etc...


If you already have a Powerpack license, please add it to your forum profile. Only admins can see this, and it allows us to confirm your Powerpack status. If you don't yet have a license, you can grab one here:




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@Vero Thanks! Added my Powerpack status.


Figured this out using a pretty simple workflow, based off your suggestion. Thanks again!

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