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Auto open 2 browser windows and sign into different email accounts?

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Could I use Alfred to automate opening two browser windows (Brave browser), split them 50/50 side-by-side on screen, and sign into a different email account in each? I do this to keep one open for personal email, and one open for business email. Can you get me started? Can Alfred record actions I take to help me script this? Thanks!

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6 hours ago, dbe4876 said:

Could I use Alfred to automate opening two browser windows (Brave browser)


No, not really. Alfred is a launcher, not an automation tool. Its native abilities to make other applications do things don't go much beyond telling an application to open something or simulating keypresses.


Some Alfred workflows interact with apps in quite complex ways, but that's all done by custom scripts the workflow authors wrote. Alfred is just running them and providing the UI.


You might be able to achieve what you’re asking with a relatively simple script if you use a password manager you can trigger by firing simulated keypresses at your browser, but if not, what you’re trying to do is fairly complex.

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