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Hi there. I am a powerpack user since many years, but only use Alfred for basic functions. I have setup on my own about 5 Web searches, but have come across something that looks like it might need some regular expressions, or a combination of Web Search and Workflow, or even some automation. it is however beyond me. So I post it here in the hope that some generous programming guru sees how easy it might be and posts the solution.


My webs search example is "mag greyhound" represented by the search URL https://www.magnetdl.com/g/{query}/se/desc/ which goes off to https://www.magnetdl.com/g/greyhound/se/desc/ . 

Yo see the problem that it is not replicable, since the "g" is stripped from the first letter of the search term. Does anyone know how to ammend the search URL with a regular expression, or is this exactly the realm of the workflow ?


Im lost, and would like to learn, but Im not a coder.


Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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Posted (edited)

Hi @SimonAndrews, welcome to the forum.


The correct websearch URL for Alfred is https://www.magnetdl.com/search/?q={query}&m=1&x=0&y=0


Bluntly put, you did it a bit wrong. The site is doing a redirect. You can get the "real" URL by looking at the network request list in the web inspector, or constructing it based on the form values in the page source:



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