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I have some difficulties using Albert. 


I installed the Mail.app workflow you created. 

To write a mail with the shortcut I have no problem. 

However the search for mail from the subject or the recipient does not work. As soon as I type the shortcut and add the name of the recipient I find myself on a web page. 

Can you help me? 


Second problem: I thought a shortcut to go to a web page. I would like the page to open in chrome but by default it opens in Safari. How can I make it open in chrome?


Alfred app : 4.1

MacOS : 10.14.6

Workflow : Mail.app Search 1.0




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@MF76 Apologies for the slow response, it looks like I may have missed your post!


First, I'm not familiar with "Albert" ;)


Joking aside, if you're using Mail.app on Mojave or earlier, you should be able to use the Mail.app workflow. Note that it is no longer possible to use it on Catalina, as Apple have rescinded the access third-party apps previously had, so Alfred can no longer search emails.


You can grab the latest version of the workflow (3.0) from this post:



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