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AirPlane Workflow

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I present to you the airplane workflow: d.pr/f/T1el


Update v1.2: d.pr/f/EBpv


Update v1.3: Was an in-house update.


Update v1.4: I uploaded the wrong Workflow.


Update v1.5: http://d.pr/f/GOiB



v1.2 holding down ctrl to toggles only bluetooth, and holding down cmd toggles only wifi. Still working to advanced brightness settings.

v1.4 Have now integrated updates via Alleyoop workflow (Download here) Check for updates asap!

v1.5 Has been sent out via Alleyoop, brightness settings have been edited. Now if you brightness is half filled it will go to 4 squares (see pic) and vice-verse. Still working to get brightness working at it's best.

It will toggle your wifi and bluetooth, and set your brightness to bp16.png to save battery.

I have yet to find away to toggle the brightness back to it's default state. An if statement might work, but I have little skill in that field. For those of you that are applescript geniuses, please let me know if you find a solution!


If you have any questions please read the "readme" tab of the workflow before messaging me!

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Hi, the link is for a "Connect to VPN" workflow, not the Airplane Mode one. Am I missing something?


No you are 100% correct. I don't understand why no one else contacted me about this. Anyway, I have been meaning to update the original post. v1.5 is now available direct download.

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since brightness is probably being lowered, and until you can find out how to "save" the brightness before lowering, can you just have the "back to normal" toggle move it to around 90% or so? either way, very cool time saver!



I'll do you one better. Instructions on how to set the "back to normal" brightness.


It's quite simple.


1: Open the "/usr/bin/osas..." script in the middle.


2: Change the 0.5 to any number from 0 to 1 that is above 0.25.


(Where it says):


"if brightnessLevel is 0.25 then

set brightnessLevel to 0.5"


3: There is no step 3.



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One way that you could do things to return to the previous state would be to get the values (wifi on/off, bt on/off, brightness level) and write them to a file in the workflow non-volatile storage. After that, when you disable airplane mode, you can have the workflow open the file, read the values, and then set them to the previous ones. It shouldn't be too hard. You could store the file as a plist, xml, or text file, whichever is easiest for you.

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