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[SOLVED] Sync Settings in iCloud Don't Work

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I have been running into an issue lately when I restart my Mac. Upon restart, iCloud Drive will decide to beam my Alfred Sync Settings folder to the cloud and I have to re-download it. The most recent time I did this, directing to the folder does not result in Alfred following my sync settings, it is like a fresh install. I have run into this issue before but I cannot remember how I resoled it. Help appreciated!

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Thanks. I know this is probably the only way to make it stop, but I actually prefer to keep it checked for other reasons.


Either way it is checked, I know that will keep it from happening again, but it doesn't fix my current situation. I currently have the current Alfred Settings file downloaded from iCloud Drive and the Alfred app pointing to the folder its in. But Alfred is still acting like a fresh install. Any advise? Thanks so much.

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You can’t have it both ways. Either you disable the setting, or this will keep happening.


It may be that during your most recent kerfuffle some files from the older preferences got overwritten. Seeing as iCloud doesn’t keep several versions, not much you can do unless you have a backup. Move your preferences file somewhere else and point Alfred to them. If that doesn’t fix it, you may need to redo whatever settings were undone.

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  • vitor changed the title to [SOLVED] Sync Settings in iCloud Don't Work

Ok, sorry to open this back up. I went to my other Mac and, though Alfred was syncing to the exact same file in the exact same folder, the settings were correct. I copied the file to Dropbox, waited for it to sync over their servers, and then tried to direct the faulty Mac to the newly created Dropbox version of the "correct" sync settings. But now both Macs show the wrong settings. Any advise?

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