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Any way to hide/obscure snippet content?

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I am frequently presenting in video conferences and setup snippets to make presentations go faster. Sometimes this means I end up having something sensitive (email, customer names, etc) in a snippet which I would rather not be seen when I bring up the snippets window. I know the snippets by name - I don't need to see the content too.

Is it possible to either hide the snippet values or obscure them?  Right now I try and move my presentation to another monitor but this isn't fool proof.



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@bubbafat Welcome to the forum :)


If you know your snippets already, you might benefit from using the Snippet Text Expansion instead. In that case, there's no need to show the Snippet/Clipboard Viewer and risk exposing personal information.


More about using snippets for text expansion here: 



Alternatively, if they're not snippets you know/want to learn by heart, you could create a List Filter that contains only the snippets you're likely to use on the big screen, and connect it to a Copy to Clipboard output pasting to the frontmost app, allowing you to choose from that list and paste without showing your actual Snippets collections.


Here's more info on List Filters:




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