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Trying to Modify URL in Clipboard

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I'm relatively new to automation, but I have a few situations where this action would be very useful. I'm just not sure where to start.


I want to take my clipboard contents and extract a string from a known point and drop it in the middle of a different known string then either write that to the clipboard or expand it like a snippet.


In one instance, I want to pull the document ID for a Google Drive document (I'm uploading via transmit, I don't want to install Google Drive locally) and put it in the middle of a sharing URL.




I want to put the 1Dw.... in place of the xxx


Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated!

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If the input is always in that format, one way to do it that might also give you some ideas for general use would be the Argument and Variables UtilityReplace Utility




  • The input is keyword with No Argument.
  • The Argument and Variables Utility with {clipboard} as the argument passes the text string from the clipboard to the Replace Utility
  • Replace Utility is set to regex, with an expression that groups the text string received from the previous object into three groups:
    • Group 1) "https://drive.google.com/uc?id="
    • Group 2) whatever is in between Groups 1 and 3 (in this case "1DwOwtpOX-tVb5xd7kws7y1oTZQCJtUtF")
    • Group 3) "&export=download"
    • Then replaces them with "https://drive.google.com/file/d/" + Group 2 ("1DwOwtpOX-tVb5xd7kws7y1oTZQCJtUtF") + "?usp=sharing" as the new string with gets sent as {query} to the next workflow object.
    • From there you can output it back to the clipboard, ready to paste. My screenshot shows Large Type for output just so I could see it and compare to yours.
    • The values in the Replace Utility are Replace regex (https:\/\/drive\.google\.com\/uc\?id=)(.*?)(&export=download) with https://drive.google.com/file/d/$2/view?usp=sharing 
  • If you want to avoid regex, you can use two Replace Utility objects:




There may be prettier ways to do it, but I thought this might be helpful to see how some of these objects can be strung together.


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