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Youtube Music Controls for Chrome

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Alfred Workflow: Youtube Music Controls for Chrome

Latest version: download here

GitHub: https://github.com/carceneaux/alfred-youtube-music-control

An Alfred workflow for controlling Youtube Music playback in an open Youtube Music tab in Chrome.

I built this workflow out of necessity as Google Play music will be retired shortly.I listen to music
most of the day at work and this helps immensely.

The workflow uses the following keywords to control playback in an open Youtube Music tab:

* 'ym': Play/Pause
* 'ym prev': Previous Song
* 'ym next': Next Song
* 'ym+': Thumbs Up Song
* 'ym-': Thumbs Down Song
* 'ym vol <volume percentage>': Set Youtube Music Volume
* 'ym search <search term>': Search Youtube Music
* 'ym shuffle': Shuffle Playlist
* 'ym repeat': Set Repeat Setting
* 'ym quit': Close Youtube Music Tab


By default, executing JavaScript through AppleScript is turned off in Chrome. To turn it on, from the menu
bar, go to View > Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events.

For more information: https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=applescript




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updating post for latest release
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12 hours ago, chris_arceneaux said:

While this workflow was created using Alfred 4, it should also work with Alfred 2 & 3.

It won’t. A Workflow created or edited in an Alfred version can’t be opened by previous versions.

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It seems that doesn't work.

I've left my error log.

(Error log of `ym next`)


ERROR: Youtube Music Chrome Controls[Run NSAppleScript] {

    NSAppleScriptErrorAppName = "Google Chrome";

    NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "AppleScript\Ub97c \Ud1b5\Ud55c \Uc790\Ubc14\Uc2a4\Ud06c\Ub9bd\Ud2b8 \Uc2e4\Ud589 \Uae30\Ub2a5\Uc774 \Uaebc\Uc838 \Uc788\Uc2b5\Ub2c8\Ub2e4. \Uc774 \Uae30\Ub2a5\Uc744 \Uc0ac\Uc6a9\Ud558\Ub3c4\Ub85d \Uc124\Uc815\Ud558\Ub824\Uba74 \Uba54\Ub274 \Ubc14\Uc5d0\Uc11c \Ubcf4\Uae30 > \Uac1c\Ubc1c\Uc790 > Apple Events\Uc758 \Uc790\Ubc14\Uc2a4\Ud06c\Ub9bd\Ud2b8 \Ud5c8\Uc6a9\Uc73c\Ub85c \Uc774\Ub3d9\Ud558\Uc138\Uc694. \Uc790\Uc138\Ud55c \Ub0b4\Uc6a9\Uc740 \Ub2e4\Uc74c \Ud398\Uc774\Uc9c0\Uc5d0\Uc11c \Ud655\Uc778\Ud558\Uc138\Uc694. https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=applescript";

    NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "Google Chrome got an error: AppleScript\Ub97c \Ud1b5\Ud55c \Uc790\Ubc14\Uc2a4\Ud06c\Ub9bd\Ud2b8 \Uc2e4\Ud589 \Uae30\Ub2a5\Uc774 \Uaebc\Uc838 \Uc788\Uc2b5\Ub2c8\Ub2e4. \Uc774 \Uae30\Ub2a5\Uc744 \Uc0ac\Uc6a9\Ud558\Ub3c4\Ub85d \Uc124\Uc815\Ud558\Ub824\Uba74 \Uba54\Ub274 \Ubc14\Uc5d0\Uc11c \Ubcf4\Uae30 > \Uac1c\Ubc1c\Uc790 > Apple Events\Uc758 \Uc790\Ubc14\Uc2a4\Ud06c\Ub9bd\Ud2b8 \Ud5c8\Uc6a9\Uc73c\Ub85c \Uc774\Ub3d9\Ud558\Uc138\Uc694. \Uc790\Uc138\Ud55c \Ub0b4\Uc6a9\Uc740 \Ub2e4\Uc74c \Ud398\Uc774\Uc9c0\Uc5d0\Uc11c \Ud655\Uc778\Ud558\Uc138\Uc694. https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=applescript";

    NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = 12;

    NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {382, 84}";


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From the Alfred debug console: 




[05:19:44.699] Youtube Music Chrome Controls[Keyword] Processing complete

[05:19:44.704] Youtube Music Chrome Controls[Keyword] Passing output '' to Run NSAppleScript

[05:19:44.748] ERROR: Youtube Music Chrome Controls[Run NSAppleScript] {

    NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "The variable musicTab is not defined.";

    NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "The variable musicTab is not defined.";

    NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-2753";

    NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {350, 8}";




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New version has been released with the following enhancements:

  • Improved volume setting
    • Current volume is shown in Alfred results
  • Repeat control added
    • Current repeat setting is shown in Alfred results
  • Shuffle playlist control added
    • Unlike Youtube Music button, this also forces a new song to be played
  • Improved Like/Dislike setting
    • Fix ensures that current song playing is liked/disliked

Download Latest Workflow Here



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