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Zoom Workflows (Leave & Dial-In)

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I wanted to share a couple Zoom Scripts I made: 



Tested with Zoom Version: 5.2.0 (42634.0805)

Leave Zoom

Leave a zoom meeting with Alfred...
Keyword: LZ
This uses Applescript GUI scripting to leave the active zoom meeting.

I didn't see this one posted to the site but it's by Aaron Saray from https://www.aaronsaray.com/2020/leave-zoom-with-alfred

Dial Into Zoom
I prefer using my phone vs computer audio on zoom so this will dial my phone for me...

Keyword: dialin
Dial-in Setup: You need to be able to dial phone numbers from your mac to your iPhone. Similar to if you click a phone number in Safari and have the option to "Call using your iPhone" I believe this is by having both logged into iCloud.
The Zoom Phone number is set to San Jose. If you would like to pick a different local number edit the 2nd line of the applescript.

Join the meeting but don't pick computer audio, select Phone Call and you should see a dialog with the dial-in numbers, Meeting ID & Participant ID.




This is where you run the workflow. It will pull the meeting and participant Id and dial it on your phone.

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