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Hide / Show hidden files and CloudApp Upload

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Hide / Show Hidden File



I've updated my Alfred v1 Hide / Show hidden files extension to a v2 Workflow.



  • Forced setting of visibility
  • Toggle visibility (super useful)
  • Keyboard shortcuts to toggle (Command + Option + H)


More details and screenshots: http://matthojo.co.uk/articles/alfred-hide-show-hidden-file-extentions/

Download: http://cl.ly/M8x0


CloudApp Upload





  • CloudApp to be installed


  • File selection inside Alfred to upload
  • File Action menu to upload
  • Keyboard shortcut (Command + Option + U) to upload file/s selected in Finder


More details and screenshots: http://matthojo.co.uk/articles/alfred-cloudapp-extension/

Download: http://cl.ly/MyXp





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Thanks a lot for sharing matthojo; this is great job and extremely useful. I found your hidden workflow particularly suitable for my constant troubles with deleting files from pendrives (the files being kept in hidden .trash folders, instead of releasing space.)


By the way to this goal, i.e. to permanent removal files from disks, incl. pendrives, I specially recommend a solution with the Mac Automator:


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