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what does “sets the folder dynamically”mean ?

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The {} JSON configuration utility object is a very advanced workflow object which allows you to have full control over the data and configuration of a workflow. In this case, the result from File Filter 1 passes a folder to the JSON Config util, which then dynamically configures File Filter 2 to use that folder as part of its configuration, specifically, the Search Scope configuration.


Here is the help page for the JSON configuration:


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thank you @Andrew 

The reference in question is quite technical. 

could you give one or more practical examples of what the addition of the  JSON script + extra filter allows you to do as as opposed to using  only one filter, and I suggest you add the examples to the documentation.

I'm sorry for bothering you with questions. I think that it's normal that I understand it as an Alfred user, especially in view of the fact that maman @Vero's dynamic file filter is quoted so often in the forum. 

thanks again


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@rob213 the purpose of The Dynamic File Search workflow is a 2 part search, the first part is to find the folder you want to limit your search within, and the second part is to find a file in the selected folder.


File Filter 1 is configured to only find folders.

File Filter 2 is configured to find any files.


You open the workflow and type the workflow's keyword and part of a folder name, for example:


ff desk


Select "Desktop" and you're taken to a second input to search for files. This second search has been configured using the Desktop folder you selected to only search within the Desktop folder, so when you now start typing a filename such as:




Alfred will only show you files matching this keyword within the Desktop Folder.




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