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Make Pixelmator open a file, resize, and compress it?

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I've been using Pixelmator for photo editing and just bought the power pack (finally). Would LOVE to be able to create a workflow where Alfred would automatically take a downloaded photo and resize it to a specific width (600px ?) and also compress it (to like 80% export or whatever- like Pixelmator does) so that the photo is automatically ready for web upload...


Do you have thoughts on how to best do that? It doesn't have to be Pixelmator by the way, I just already have that program on my comp...


Thanks for any help and advice!!!!

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Hi @Ray Porrello, welcome to the forum.


This isn't really an Alfred question, tbh. You can use Alfred to choose the image(s) you want to resize, but it can't do any image processing itself.


You need to write a script to do your image processing, and then run it with Alfred. We can help with the second part, but there are probably better places to get help with the first (the Pixelmator forum, AskDifferent etc.).


I can point you at the macOS tool sips or GraphicsMagick if you have Homebrew, and I think Automator can resize images, too. But I've no idea if they produce particularly good results.


As far as Pixelmator goes, I think only the pro version is scriptable. The regular version does have some Automator actions that might be able to do what you want.

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