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Using Typinator with Alfred: a short synopsis.

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Using Typinator with Alfred: a short synopsis.


I am posting this because I want to give Alfred users a more complete overview of the issue.


The issue

Since Typinator 8.0 (June 2019), Typinator now disables itself for text typed in Alfred's search field. The reason is that search text that users enter in Alfred often look like abbreviations. Many users reported that they enter text that they also had defined as abbreviations in Typinator.


Workaround (thank you Gue - Günther Blaschek the developer of Typinator):

The following Terminal commands will allow / not allow typinator expansions in Alfred. (the only difference is replacing 1 with 0)

Allow expansions in Alfred:

defaults write com.macility.typinator2 expandInAlfred 1

Do not allow expansions:

defaults write com.macility.typinator2 expandInAlfred 0

Many users like myself have been using Typinator for years, think it's an outstanding app which has many many more functions than text expansion, and no interest in re-creating all typinator expansions as alfred snippets.


My suggestion: if you are going to use Typinator with Alfred, configure your Typinator abbreviations in such a way that there is no possible confusion with Alfred keywords, by for example adding a prefix or suffix to the Typinator abbreviation that you never use in Alfred keywords.

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2 hours ago, rob213 said:

The Alfred developer @Andrew closed the topic.


What do you mean? The topic is still there and people can still respond. Why do you say it was “closed”?


2 hours ago, rob213 said:

The forum moderator @deanishe said that users should simply use Alfred snippets


I believe you misunderstood. @deanishe suggested a workaround to your problem, he didn’t say that you should abandon Typinator altogether (more likely that you could switch over the problematic snippets) and definitely did not indicate that every user should do it. He himself uses and recommends different automation tools for different tasks, according to their strengths.


I think that in general this post is good, and it’s useful that it exists so others with the same issue can get it fixed. I have two editing suggestions:

  1. Link Terminal commands somewhere, because not every user will know what that means. I suggest Apple’s support page.
  2. Make the commands more obvious, so inexperienced users know exactly what to copy. I suggest defaults write com.macility.typinator2 expandInAlfred 0. You can reproduce that effect with the following:

[background=#eee][font=courier,monospace]defaults write com.macility.typinator2 expandInAlfred 0[/font][/background]


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4 hours ago, vitor said:

he didn’t say that you should abandon Typinator


Indeed. I use it myself.


1 hour ago, rob213 said:

I thought that you had closed my post.


The [SOLVED] just means the question was answered. So that anyone else with the same question can quickly see that the answer is in the thread.

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