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Copied List Filter items with custom icons do not retain icons on paste

Chris Messina

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IIRC, not copying icons along with items is a deliberate choice.


A user may or may not want to use the same icons in the second workflow, and if they don't, they now have a bunch of extra icons in their workflow that aren't always easy to associate with specific items because they're named after the items' UIDs (which aren't visible).

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The issue lies in image resources being external to the item you're copying. The copy does a top level copy, and doesn't include all the disk resources below. While this works for copying items within one workflow (as a workflow shares its own resources), copying to a different workflow loses resolution to the resources.


This is somewhat typical behaviour for apps which use linked resources (e.g. Music software with external samples, or 3D software with external textures), and while I'm not treating it as a bug per se, I do recognise that it's less than optimal.


I do have future plans for a resource management feature in Workflows which will address this issue and add a tonne of extra stuff too.

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