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Option to create hot key not showing

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@riaamp From where you are in that screenshot, you can see that the hotkey field is in focus. You now simply need to press all keys for your hotkey combo... for example, Cmd + Alt + T all at once.


If you're unable to set it, it'll be because the hotkey combo you're trying to use is already reserved by another app or somewhere else in Alfred. Try setting an alternative hotkey combo, or disable it wherever it's been previously set.



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Right - that how it SHOULD be working. But I'm not getting the ability to do that. Note in my screenshot that there is nothing in the right hand side that indicates I can do it. You know the little green symbols? I've tried deleting and starting a new workflow. I've upgraded my ALfred.... 

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55 minutes ago, Vero said:

@riaamp There shouldn't be anything more in the hotkey box than what is visible in your screenshot.


What hotkey combination are you trying to set? And are you pressing all the keys at once?


So look at your own help page - do you see the light green symbols? one for "command" and one for ..i don't know Shift.? I'm not seeing those. Alfred is completley nonresponsive when I try keystroke combinations in the window. 

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@riaamp The symbols on the right are irrelevant at this point, and will only appear after a hotkey combo is set. (It's an advanced feature, and is only necessary in a small number of cases to change the behaviour of hotkeys, as per the Tips section at the bottom of this page: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/ )


Could you please let me know 1. what hotkey you're trying to set and 2. whether you're pressing all of the keys at the same time? In your original screenshot, the modifier keys (Shift, Option, Ctrl and Command) are there and greyed out awaiting your input. 

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