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Help with auto pasting in Alfred (1172) and macOS 10.15.6 (19G2021)

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@raguay.customct Ctrl + V? Have you changed defaults from the macOS Cmd + V? If so, Alfred is expecting Cmd + V to be the standard paste combo.


If you did mean Cmd + V and content isn't being pasted, which version of macOS are you using? If you're in Catalina, please open Alfred's prefs to General > Request Permissions... and remove / re-add Alfred from the Accessibility permissions, as Catalina seems to forget permissions upon update. 


If the issue persists, please provide more details:

  • Do snippets paste as expected? Content from Clipboard History?
  • Did you change anything relating to Cmd + V recently?
  • Are you running any other keyboard modifiers or clipboard apps concurrently that could be interfering?
  • Could you make sure you test in TextEdit, as it's the most basic native app?


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Cmd+V isn’t overriden by any program or keyboard manager. My copyclips workflow using ctrl+v to paste one of the clips of text saved by ctrl+c. 


Snippets also quit working, so I guess they are related. By pressing Cmd+V I can paste what the workflow pushed to the clipboard.


I tested everything in TextEdit and all of my other editors. The results are the same everywhere.


The only thing that changed on my setup was the update to Alfred.

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I was able to fix it. Alfred 4 no longer had the `Input Monitoring` security checked. Actually, Alfred wasn't in the list at all. I had to manually add it. I know it was before the update. So, the update removed it from the list but wasn't able to add it back? I'm assuming something like that.

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@raguay.customct fair enough - why would Alto's Adventure have access to monitor your keyboard input at all times? Seems a bit odd / unnecessary.


I'm sure this is an isolated issue on your Mac for Alfred though, and maintain that Alfred doesn't need to be in there. I'm certain if you were to create a new user account on your Mac, and try from there, Alfred would work in the Accessibility prefs like it is for others.


I'm moving to Discussion and Help as you have a solution.

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  • Andrew changed the title to Help with auto pasting in Alfred (1172) and macOS 10.15.6 (19G2021)

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