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Alfred hangs on the most Big Sur beta 6 - potentially contacts related?


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Hi all! Just reporting this in case it helps others. After installing the latest beta (6), Afred was hanging for me. When I sampled the process, it seemed to be part of the `[AlfredContactsQuerier requestAddressBookAccess]` logic.


I was able to work around the issue by disabling Alfred's access to the contacts database (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > "Privacy" tab > Contacts).


Mentioning it here in case it helps with debugging the issue and in case it helps others work around it in the meantime. (I know I would be lost without Alfred.)




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I have the same problem on macOS 11.0.1 (20B28) with Alfred 4.2.1b1186.


As soon as I disable contacts access for Alfred 4, kill the Alfred process and restart it it works normally. If I don't, the Alfred process is running in the background, but all interactions or tries to open the gui fail.

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