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Clone git repo

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Clone git repo Workflow


An Alfred workflow to clone git repos like a master 🐑🐑





  1. Copy the repo URL to the clipboard.
  2. Open Alfred and start typing the keyword clone to trigger the workflow.
  3. Confirm the repo you're about to clone by pressing enter or press +enter to choose a different name.
  4. Browse your workspace and pick a destination folder. Start typing for filtering and then hit tab to drill into the selected folder or enter to clone into it.
  5. Wait until a notification pops up letting you know about the outcome of the operation. In case of success a terminal window will open inside the repo you just cloned.

Feel free to give some feedback!

Github: https://github.com/mperezi/alfred-git-clone

Download: https://github.com/mperezi/alfred-git-clone/releases/latest



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