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Floating image/signal

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9 hours ago, Daniele said:

I would like create a workflow that  opens a gif image , and force it  to stay always on top and floating on my desktop.

Example, if 'd go fullscreen, the image stay always on top. Is that possible? Thanks


You could do this with Quicktime, though you'd need to convert the GIF to a movie file compatible with Quicktime. Once you do that, use this menu option:



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57 minutes ago, chris said:

Once you do that, use this menu option


Good idea.


And then right-click on the Quicktime icon in the Dock, and choose Options > Assign To > All Desktops.


That will make every Quicktime window appear on all desktops, but I don't think anyone ever actually uses Quicktime, do they?

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Ok let me explain better.


I have a simple workflow that starts a timer via keyword.

Basically it's a time tracker. I start/stop the workflow every time I begin/finish working on something.

My problem is that sometimes I forget to stop the timer and this is a problem. I supposed to create a gif floating image that will be opened once I start the time tracking, as a reminder of the tracking status. 


You're solution are good, but the question is: how to do this via workflow or script?

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16 hours ago, Daniele said:

how to do this via workflow or script?


Write a script to make Quicktime Player do exactly what @chris said. Or find a similar application that is scriptable and supports showing images in floating windows.


You cannot do this without an application. You can't just show an image via a script. And you can't pin anything but an application to all desktops.

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