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Hey all,
I tried finding a RAM-freeing workflow on the forums; I failed, so I made this.
It uses the UNIX "purge" command to free RAM. It WILL cause your system to freeze up for a few seconds or more, depending on various factors. I don't know if this is the Apple-recommended method of freeing RAM, but it certainly helps me. Icon from tuziibanez's Professional Red icon pack on deviantART.


(Insert screen shot here but can't because I'm a forum newb and can't find a way to upload content other than linking)
Hope you enjoy!
Download (via Dropbox)

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Actually, there is no "recommended method" for freeing RAM as it is a bad idea to begin with. OS X handles the RAM management quite well, there is no need to free RAM as it will only slow down the system.


You are wrong. This workflow is a gread asset for people like me that works in media production. Sometimes no matter if you are MAX out of Ram and have the fastest drive installed your editing app will start freezing or crashing. When you chek your ram info it seems the ram can't handle the workflow then you need to A) RESTART and wait everything to load again or B) PURGE RAM and keep working with a smile. I'm always purging the ram every day. My shift is more or less 12 hours and the Mac start getting slower at mid shift.


Thanks for this workflow! A DAY SAVER!

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