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Currency converter + calculator

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I got tired of switching between Alfred's calculator and currency converter, so I've created this monstrosity.




This is a currency converter with fully-featured built-in calculator and flexible syntax. It is written in Golang, so it feels very responsive once the conversion rate is downloaded.


Full readme is availible at github, workflow file is included in the release.


This project uses currencyconverterapi.com for rate information, you have to get a free API key from them

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added a dependency info
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Thank you for Andrew 's great job!  It's an impressive workflow.

Finally get things done.
For newbie:
1. Get the free API

2. Paste the API key to the configuration. [x] in the workflow page.
3. Wait untill the conversertion rate is downloaded.( After I turned back in about 15 mins)


Enjoy it.

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Thanks for the tutorial! One note:

9 hours ago, Mgor said:

3. Wait untill the conversertion rate is downloaded.( After I turned back in about 15 mins)

The rates will be downloaded as soon as you enter the currency conversion operation: "cc 10 eur to usd" will download or update (if older than 1 hour) the eur/usd rate immediately. You may see a small delay during the first conversion of a currency pair, but there's no need to wait for minutes😉.


Glad you liked the tool, feel free to request features if you need any.

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