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Want to change Snippets Hot Keys -- sequence already purposed to MS Word

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I've been happily using 'Option+Command+C' for switching font case in MS WORD. Now I'm finding Alfred 4.03 has taken this for the HotKeys that open Snippets. 


1. How can I edit this...I've tried Templates-> Files & Apps ->.... Launch File Group from HotKey doesn't really do it. Pease advise.


2. What are Snippets good for anyway?


3. The Boxes that opened in the above Templates -> .... sequence really are not self-explanatory. 

Have I made a horrible mistake in buying this software with its powerpack upgrade? The Help seems suited for a coder's mind.

(I'm a physician, I'm mentally capable, and I know when things are clearly explained them when they are not.) 


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@Mal Apropos The Option + Command + C hotkey is the default Clipboard History viewer hotkey. 


You can go to Alfred's preferences > Features > Clipboard and change the Viewer hotkey to something that suits you better :) 


Snippets are a brilliant way to avoid repeating typing the same things, whether it's a whole paragraph of text, an email signature or a URL you frequently need.


You'll find the full page on Snippets, including some examples, on this page:



As for the Templates, these are intended to speed up the creation of workflows, but if you're new to Alfred, you can start by familiarising yourself with the core features under Features, and keep the workflows section for another day :) 



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