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Newbie iTerm Workflow Question(s)

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Hey everyone, I am a new Alfred user and therefore not very advanced when it comes to workflows. I am trying to build a workflow where:


Step 1: I choose a custom iTerm session "type" - Basically a list of specific commands I store & show as a list.

Step 2: I choose the iTerm profile in which I want to run that command

Step 3: I run my chosen command (from step 1) in a new iTerm window (or tab) in my chosen profile (from step 2)


So for an example: Run the command "ls" in my "Desktop Directory" iTerm profile.


I am able to create the list of my stored custom commands (step 1). The command gets saved to a variable. Where I get stuck is step 2 - I am not able to get the workflow to then display the list of iTerm profiles for me to select. Then for step 3 I run the command in the selected profile.

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