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Add ability for snippet search to include contents of snippets too when searching


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If I have this snippet:




If I do a search like:




Nothing gets matched because Alfred only searches over snippet titles. In typinator the quick search includes both titles & content which makes it much nicer to use.




It would be awesome if Alfred Snippets could support this kind of search. Probably as a separate search (perhaps there are users who only want to match on titles).


Thank you.

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@nikivi @Benben Alfred searches snippet content, but begins from a word boundary, so it won't find something mid-way through a URL. 


If you need to search for something that isn't at the start of a word boundary, prefix it with a wildcard star, e.g. "*learn" in the case of nikivi's example.


It's a fine balancing act between showing snippets for broad enough content, without drowning the top of the results so much that your clipboard items can never come to the top. :)



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