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SideNotes with Alfred.

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Doesn’t look like it’s possible. I looked at SideNote’s AppleScript dictionary and it seems to only be able to show and read notes, not create them. Pity, looked like an interesting app.

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I am not using SideNotes but with AppleScript it will be relatively easy.


Following AS gets all available folders:


-- Get list of available folders
tell application "SideNotes"
	set folders_object to folders
	set folder_list to {}
	repeat with f in folders_object
		set folder_list to folder_list & name of item 1 of f
	end repeat
end tell


And with this you can create a note "hello world":


-- Use folder name from previous code
set target_folder to "Showcase"

-- Create note in target folder
tell application "SideNotes"
	set n to make new note at folder target_folder
	set text of n to "hello world"
end tell


1. WF step requires a Script Filter for choosing a target folder

2. WF step to enter the text for the note 

3. WF step create note in SideNotes

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@Acidham @vitor Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but this is a little more complex than i thought it would be, passing the results of the SideNotes folders back to alfred etc are not my cup of tea. Any chance you can help with the exact workflow to be created? I am looking at typing a keyword--> alfred shows list of folders-->I select or specify the folder--> type the text for the note-->Alfred creates the note in the specified folder.


Thanks again for all your help.

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