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Boom Workflow


Alfred 2 Workflow to use boom.  

Motherfucking text snippets on the command line, and now in Alfred!



Just download and open Boom.alfredworkflow!  

You don't even need to install boom to use it, it's packaged inside the workflow.



You can use the workflow the same way you use boom in command line, with the advantages of autocompletion!






Don't hesitate to contribute! You can post issues and pull requests on the GitHub repository, or simply give your feedback in this post :).

The workflow uses zhaowu's ruby template which is awesome :). Look at it before contributing.

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If I try to create a value say

boom test long Hello I am a long string.


It does not get save.

Any ideas?


Did you create a list first & then add your add item to the newly created list?

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For anyone having the same problem as above, if you deselect "Double Quotes" in the escaping options of the Run Script action, you can then add multi-word values enclosed in double quotes, e.g.

boom temp key "this is a long string."

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