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So I have a recurring issue of copying new text not working; the couple of scenarios that seem to be repeatable occurences are:


  • if you change apps too quickly after copying
  • try to do a copy operation in an application that is _not_ in the foreground
    • say i'm copying a link from Firefox, while Slack is the active app; when I attempt to paste the link, the clipboard still contains the previous contents, not the link as expected).


What I describe there is a bug that isn't Alfred-specific; but as macOS has continued to become the larger, more unwieldy mess that Apple is making it, this particular problem has spread across the system and I now experience it everywhere.  I run no other clipboard manager other than Alfred that would be slowing down the copy time; but the overall problem persists even if Alfred isn't running; and problem #1 exists (but is not consistently present) on a brand new Mac, even between native Apple applications.  which leads me to think the problem is Apple's.


To mitigate this, the one thing I have looked for, but can't find in _any_ Clipboard manager on the market right now, is display a bloody notification when the clipboard changes.  Despite already watching NSPasteboard and reacting to changes, nobody provides the option to send a notification (display a banner, flash an icon, whatever).  I doubt that would be a trivial option to add to Alfred, but I'm at wits end here, and if I'm going to plead with anybody to add something to a tool, Alfred is currently where I'd want it done in my ideal world.  A Workflow input or trigger (though i realize the asterisks that would be potentially attached to that), but even just a check box to "Send notification when clipboard changes" in the History or Advanced Pane of Clipboard History would be amaze-balls.


Thanks Andrew and Vero!

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