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Open As Project in Chocolat workflow and a couple of questions

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Just reworked a simple Alfred v1 extension of mine to a workflow for Alfred 2:


Open the current Finder folder as a project in Chocolat by keyword ("choc") or as a folder/file action:


Download: http://cl.ly/PUTT


GitHub: https://github.com/franzheidl/alfred-workflows




It's truly great to be able to configure the two input methods (either by keyword or as an action) drag'n'drop-like!

I was doing a bit of gymnastics in my v1 extension to do just that (check if the query is a valid POSIX path passed by Alfred, or default, etc.) and now it's so easy to set up!


I tried to run an external Applescript file (located in the workflow directory) from within the workflow, but that didn't seem to work the way it worked for me with v1. Is that due to the non-finished Applescript implementation or by design? I'd love to have the option to do that, esp for more complex scripts instead of having the whole script in the Run Applescript Module of my workflow.


Also, since my old Applescript is working, am I correct in assuming Alfred 2 also passes the POSIX path of the folder/file  an action was called upon as the only parameter?


Anyway, no quirks or glitches so far, and v2 feels darn fast…


Edit: Updated the link, removed the non-working external script :)

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Yes of course, here's the full code that called an external .scpt file and worked fine in v1 :)




on alfred_script(q)

set theScript to my runScript("owc_main.scpt", q)

end alfred_script


on runScript(fileName, aQuery)

tell application "Finder"

set myScript to load script ((do shell script "pwd") & "/" & fileName)

set runMyScript to myScript's main(aQuery)

end tell

end runScript

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