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Possible to chain snippets with key combo inbetween?

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I've been digging around in snippets and workflows but am unable to achieve the following goal. If anyone has any ideas on whether or not this is achievable, I'd really welcome your input. This is what I'd like to do.


  • Type keyword which expands first snippet of plain text
  • A keystroke enters the text
  • ⌘→ then gets run (key combo object?)
  • A second snippet of multiline text gets expanded


Ordinarily I would just use Textexpander, but it doesn't support the key combo which Alfred does.


Thanks again


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In a workflow, you can chain as many objects and actions as you need. For example, what you need may looks something like this:


Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 11.06.19.png


The Snippet Trigger responds to typing :test which is connected to a Copy to Clipboard output object. You place your snippet text in this object and configure it to automatically paste.


Adding a Delay Utility (set to something very small, e.g. less than a second) will allow a short amount of time for the underlying app to respond to the paste. The Dispatch Key Combo object will simulate the key presses you like. Just add more delays, key combos, and copy to clipboard objects as you need.

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Great stuff. Cheers Andrew. I was up to speed with the chaining and delays.  I was just tying myself up in knots regarding the text/snippet element. Didn't think to use the "Copy to Clipboard" object, Thanks so much for your help.

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