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XML syntax: Using Ampersands in "arg"

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I'm trying to generate a URL based on a query that I give to Alfred. I set up the XML the following way. It looks like the "arg" attribute doesn't like the ampersands in the URL. If I remove the ampersands it seems to work correctly and passes it to the next step in the workflow.


<?xml version="1.0"?>





Is there a way I can work around this?


I'm trying to generate a Google street view URL based on a street address that I enter. I have a perl script that queries the Google Maps server to get the latitude and longitude for and address and generate the URL. I want to pass this URL to Google Chrome.
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Yes this would be better. Can I get the workflow to send the output from "Run script" to "Open URL". When I add "Run script", it's in the same "column" as "Open URL" so I can't connect the two.


At the end of your Run Script, just use the open command (or similar) to open the URL instead of passing it into a separate Open URL action.

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