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Any useful features without/before purchasing the Powerpack?

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I've heard Alfred described as useful in the past but hadn't downloaded it until tonight. 

Alfred was described as a good solution for organizing and searching docs, PDFs, bookmarks, etc. 


So far, it appears that unless or until I purchase Powerpack, I've installed a hotkey to search Google, Amazon, or Wikipedia?


Color me underwhelmed. If it wasn't nearly $40 I'd buy it based on reputation to see, but surely there's more to it than a hotkey search popup?


Thank you

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@stevesmith8675309 Here are just a few of the features included in the free version of Alfred:


  • Finding apps, folders & files on your Mac
  • Searching the web using dozens of built-in searches
  • Custom searches which you can create for your favourite sites
  • Calculator
  • Dictionary (Spell & Define keywords)
  • System commands to sleep your Mac, lock it, activate the screensaver, empty trash, etc
  • Quicklook to preview files
  • Large type to show text
  • Quick search for your contacts
  • Bookmarks search for Safari and Chrome

I'm sure I'm missing some too, but if you spend a few moments look around Alfred's preferences, you'll see quite how much we offer you for free. ;) 



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