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This little workflow allows you to sequentially step through items in multiple list files. You use the "Next Item: Set File" file action on the file containing a list of items: One item per line. For example, a list of urls; one per line. Then the hot key (you will have to set yourself since mine being <alt><command>n will be erased) will take the next item from the specified first list and copy it to the clipboard and to a notification. If you view all lists before the first list, you will see each corresponding item for each list. The counter is only incremented after passing the item from the first list.
"ni:move #" will move the last set file to the # list. If you do not move the file items to a list number, then it will not get sent to you.
"ni:item" will give the next item from the first list and increment the counter.
ni:l #" will give the next item from the # list, but the count will not be incremented unless it is list 1.
"ni:inc" and "ni:dec" will increment or decrement the counter. 
"ni:set" allows you to set the counter to any number. 
"ni:clear" will clear the counter and erase the temporary files. 
"ni:current" will display the current count number.
The items are addressed using a zero reference. Therefore, if the counter is 1, the the second line in the file will be displayed.
Setting a new list will clear the count. The file specified is copied to a work area that all the other scripts will use to access it. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the original file being changed.


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Hi, I just updated this workflow to allow for multiple lists. Therefore, if you have more than one list that has items sequenced together, you can use this workflow to sequentially view them. Full directions are in the ReadMe for the workflow. Let me know if you need any other features.

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