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[SOLVED] Accessing Clipboard History

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Hi all,

I would like to create a shortkey to paste to the front most application the clipboard item before the last.


That can be achieved accessing {clipboard:1}, copying to the clipboard, and then selecting 'automatically paste to front most app'.

However, that copies the item to the clipboard, therefore making it the last (most recent) item in the clipboard history.


Is there a way to access and paste items from the clipboard history without changing the order of the history itself? 




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4 hours ago, giovanni said:

Is there a way to access and paste items from the clipboard history without changing the order of the history itself? 


Alfred Preferences → Features → Clipboard History → Advanced → Move items to top of clipboard history when used (uncheck).

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  • vitor changed the title to [SOLVED] Accessing Clipboard History

Thank you for getting back to me @vitor! I had missed this setting, cool!


However, if my goal is to use a hotkey, the only way I could find to paste {clipboard:1} is to copy to clipboard, and then paste to the front most application. In that case, the history order will be changed. Is there an alternative way to paste to the front most application via a hotkey, without changing the order? 





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for the record, this does not change the order as it is shown by the 'viewer hotkey', but the clipboard content is changed... not sure this is the intended behavior?


to summarize: 

  1.  I copy string A to clipboard
  2. [⌘V will paste string A]
  3. I copy string B to clipboard
  4. [⌘V will paste string B]
  5. I use my ultra-simple workflow to paste {clipboard:1}, which is string A, using the hotkey ⌘⌥V
  6. ⌘V will now paste string A, while I was expecting it to paste string B, based on the clipboard history I see using the 'viewer hotkey' image.png.790ab9940923d0a8d85d7a7b22624810.png

thanks again for your help




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Then go for the simple and obvious solution. If you’re using {clipboard:1} (i.e. a fixed number) and auto-pasting it to the frontmost app, simply add another Copy to Clipboard Output after it which also copies {clipboard:1} (which previously was {clipboard:0}) but don’t paste. Alfred won’t make it a duplicate, meaning you’re just switching the order back again.

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