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"lock" command doesn't work after updating to Big Sur


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Hi! I updated to Big Sir this morning, and I noticed Alfred's "Lock" command (to lock the screen) doesn't work anymore.  No error, it just doesn't do anything.  I checked Alfred in the App Store and I'm running the latest version of Alfred.


Thanks!  This is a fantastic tool, very helpful.


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Thanks @Vero   I can no longer start Alfred 1.2 (from the App Store) after updating to macOS Catalina 11.2.3.  So I removed Alfred 1.2 and installed latest Alfred 4. 


How do I add my custom searches?


I have the Alfred URLs for sharing from Alfred 1.2, like:




How do I add them to Alfred 4, please?

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@atsaloli Could you please keep threads on topic? This thread was originally about the lock command, not about custom searches. There's also no need to tag me specifically as there are many very knowledgeable forum members who can help with simple questions.


You can sync or back up your entire preferences:



Alternatively, you can set up Time Machine as a backup, or manually copy the Alfred.alfredpreferences file from ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/ to a location of your choice to back it up.

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