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How to do a search when the URL doesn't have a clean way to insert a {query} search?

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There's some websites like https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html or https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ where I can't seem to insert a ticker symbol to get the result. I know if I put a ticker symbol after chart for tradingview you get a result but its not within the interactive chart.


I was wondering if someone has solution for this? Or is there a way to do a query search on the search bar on that url page? I don't know how to code but I think its using javascript to update so the url doesn't change when u change the ticker symbol in the interactive chart. Thanks. 

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1 hour ago, Mr Pennyworth said:

Would love to know more about your process behind figuring this out


First, I did the same as you. When that didn't work, I figured they'd probably link to that chart a lot, so I looked on the details page for a stock. And there's a big link to the chart including the symbol parameter.

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You're the best deanishe, thanks :) 


For Edgar do you know how to search by ticker name? Typing out the company name can lead to alot of errors, if I type by ticker name I'll know for sure i'll get the result of what I'm looking for. 

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