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Thumbnails and Titles for Links in Clipboard History

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For links that appear in Alfred's clipboard history, with this workflow:

  • You can search using the title of the link (in addition to the URL)
  • You can see a thumbnail of the link


Usage instructions:

  1. Open alfred
  2. Type ".setup-clipboard-link-thumbnailer" (without the quotes)
  3. To go through links on clipboard, use the keyword "cliplinks", or set up a hotkey in the workflow.


Download: Clipboard Links.alfredworkflow


Example screenshot:



What's not yet implemented (and is not very likely as I don't need these features):

  • Link deletion
  • Auto link deletion for links older than certain time (the way clipboard history does)

Anyone who can program can implement these quite easily, and I'd be glad to accept patches: source code :)


Privacy and other Qs:

Q: Are these links sent somewhere to obtain screenshots?
A: No. Screenshots are taken locally (see source code).


Q: What kind of screenshot do I get for pages that are accessible only after a login?

A: The same as if you opened that link without logging in.


Q: What if I want some links to be ignored?

A: Not presently possible, and not likely to be implemented by me as I don't currently need it.


Q: What if I want all links copied from a certain app to be ignored?

A: Add the app to "Features > Clipboard History > Advanced > Ignore Apps" in Alfred's preferences. (see screenshot below)


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