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Alfred Not Loading in Retina for One Account on Big Sur


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Have two accounts setup on one MacBook Pro 16". Recently upgraded to Big Sur and for some reason on one account the Alfred pop up is loading pixelated and not in Retina. Tried uninstalling Alfred completely, restarting and then doing it again. Nothing seems to work.


It is the only application having this issue.


Please advise.



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Welcome @daouk,


That’s a really weird issue, and looks something related to macOS. Do you have a screenshot of the issue? What theme are you using? What’s your Alfred version? Did you download Alfred from the website or the Mac App Store? If the latter, download from the website because the one on the Mac App Store is old.

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@daouk That sounds very weird - do you have any software on your main profile that could be interfering with normal rendering?


You could try resetting Alfred, which you can do by following the steps below. Back up your Alfred.alfredpreferences file to a safe place first :)




Let me know how you get on.



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