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Clipboard auto paste is not working with Big Sur


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When I select an item from the clipboard history, after pressing enter it should place the item in the app in focus, but it it not working, nothing happens after I press enter, the item gets copied to the macOS clipboard, nothing else.I have selected the option to "auto paste on return", I have booted the Macbook many times and restarted Alfred App as well, thank you for your help 

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For the benefit of other users who might come across this, here's the answer I provided by email.



In order for Alfred to paste from the clipboard, you'll need to ensure you've granted Alfred Accessibility permissions.


If you've just installed Big Sur or upgraded to it, go to Alfred's General preferences > Request Permissions, and add Alfred to the Accessibility permissions. If Alfred already appears to be listed, remove and re-add it as the macOS permissions may have become corrupted upon upgrade to macOS Big Sur.


More information on permissions:



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