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iMessage to Friend Workflow

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1 hour ago, gcagora said:

This workflow


Which workflow?


1 hour ago, gcagora said:

It uses the NSAppleScript


I believe AppleScript support is gone in Big Sur because Messages.app was replaced with a port of the iOS app.


I'm not 100%, though. You should find the thread for your workflow and ask in there. The same for any future questions please: Find the workflow's thread and ask in there instead of creating a new thread.

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Just now, gcagora said:

It is called iMessage to Friend.


I got that, but I've never heard of it. When you have a question about a workflow (one you've downloaded, or one you're writing), please always post a link to the workflow. That way, people don't have to track down the workflow you're talking about—or just guess—in order to help you.

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