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Definable Icon Sizes in Results (Theming)

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Would it be possible to define a standard size to display for the icon in the results?


Currently, when cycling the "Result Padding", the icon sizes change from 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36px. This makes certain icons look like complete garbage ... especially if the icons contain single pixel lines.


The idea, is that if an icns/tiff/jpg/pdf IS or CONTAINS a certain size, Alfred will honour it in the results. So, if for some reason I wish to have my results icons displayed at 16px, regardless of padding or font height with results, the icon will always show centered at 16px in the image results area.


Alternately, if I wish to have my icon show at 64px, and have the text to the right of it smaller, the text results would be centered in it's area.


I do realize that the theming/appearance area of Alfred2 is a work in progress but this has been bugging me as a visual type person who is in love with 'pixel perfectness' :)

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