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Can't search content of Markdown files

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I've having an issue with Alfred 4.2.1 [1887] where I cannot search for content contained within a Markdown file.


Here is the breakdown between Spotlight and Alfred. 



Can find .md files by name

Can find .md files by content



Can find .md files by name

Cannot find .md files by content


I ran the "File Search Troubleshooting" tool on the specific markdown file I'm trying to find and it passes with no problems. 


Any help on this problem is greatly appreciated! 



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5 hours ago, mikeswimm said:

Cannot find .md files by content

Just wanted to make sure, when you are searching by content, for example, you are searching for the content "installation instructions", are you typing "installation instructions" in alfred or "in installation instructions"? In alfred, you need to start with the "in" keyword to be able to search by content.


Just putting this out there because I had faced the same problem and I took some time to discover the "in" keyword.

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