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Trying to chain workflows to no avail (Switch light/dark mode + change light/dark wallpaper)

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Hey folks, I'm pretty new to workflow creation so I'm sorry for my noob question.


I'm currently using these 2 workflows





- toggle/pick system light/dark mode

- change to the next wallpaper from a folder of 2 wallpapers (light + dark) – a workaround that works but I have to change the wallpaper manually at least once a day


Yesterday I found a better workflow that seems to allow me to set a wallaper based on a file filter. 



I tried to chain the toggle workflow + wallpaper workflow in a way shown in the screenshot that seems to work with 1 specific file, but with the side effect of always opening that image in Preview which annoys me. 


I'd like to have a workflow that would allow me to

- toggle the theme to the other one (or light/dark in particular, whatever is easier) 

- pick a random wallpaper from a folder (one folder for light, one folder for dark)

- set the wallpaper along with the theme


Thanks a lot for any help and if you know of a simpler way to achieve this, please let me know!

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 10.06.35.png

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