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FAMOS: FAstest eMOji Search: In 25 languages: With Google Emoji Kitchen Integration

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FAstest eMOji Search (FAMOS)


Instant search for emojis in Alfred with related keywords in 25 languages and Google Emoji Kitchen integration


This post is outdated, link to up-to-date README
Download the latest versions: github release

FAMOS speaks many languages!

FAMOS uses emojibase, which is an excellent library, meticulously curated. So, all the languages that emojibase supports, FAMOS automatically does too.

FAMOS is the fastest!

10x to 20x faster compared to alfred-emoji and EmojiTaco!

FAMOS launches in under 20 miliseconds (imperceptible), while both the other workflows take hundreds of milliseconds to launch (very much perceptible).

The reason FAMOS exists is that I wanted my emoji picker to:
 - launch instantly
 - search with zero lag
 - let me pick skin-tones for each individual emoji

Skin-tone prefs for each individual emoji

I like my emojis to reflect my skin-tone correctly. And also hair color! That means, I might not always get both. So, I want hand-emojis to have my skin-tone, but face-emojis to have my hair-color even if that means wrong skin-tone. In addition, if you're a stickler like me, you will understand that I want one skin-tone for the palm and a different one for the back of the hand. Back of the hand is a shade darker than the palm, isn't it!

  1. Search results show if an emoji has multiple tones available:
  2. Hold command:

  3. After pressing command+enter:

  4. From now on, the chosen tone becomes the default tone for this emoji:

Feature comparison

Both alfred-emoji and EmojiTaco are excellent workflows, and they have tonnes of features that FAMOS lacks, and has no plans of implementing. You should definitely check them out!






Chinese, Traditional apple  joypixels
Chinese apple  joypixels
Danish apple  joypixels
Dutch apple  joypixels
English, Great Britain apple  joypixels
English apple  joypixels
Estonian apple  joypixels
Finnish apple  joypixels
French apple  joypixels
German apple  joypixels
Hungarian apple  joypixels
Italian apple  joypixels
Japanese apple  joypixels
Korean apple  joypixels
Lithuanian apple  joypixels
Malay apple  joypixels
Norwegian apple  joypixels
Polish apple  joypixels
Portuguese apple  joypixels
Russian apple  joypixels
Spanish, Mexico apple  joypixels
Spanish apple  joypixels
Swedish apple  joypixels
Thai apple  joypixels
Ukrainian apple  joypixels


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I'm kind of new here; hope it's okay to ask questions or comment.

This looks good!

My question--I looked up joypixels, and it appears that they have a set of nice-looking emoji to compete with Apple's.

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