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Simple newby question

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@chris lord Welcome to the forum :) 


When you're in the "Move" view, start typing the name of any folder you want to move the file to, and a list of folders will start appearing. Keep typing to filter down, or use the down arrow to look through the list.


As you start using that action more often, the list of your commonly used folders will grow, so they'll become increasingly quick to choose from.



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Hello, I've got an Alfred "Move to" conundrum. 


My Applications folder is not in my User Folder. Instead, I have all my Applications on the Macintosh HD level.


Try as I might, I have been unable to get Alfreds "Move to" Action to move any newly downloaded app to this location.


Things I have tried: 


1. Adding / to my default results Search Scope, as well as Adding my particular Application folder on the HD to Alfreds default results. 


What ends up happening is that typing "application" brings up Application Scripts folders, and then, the moment I type the s of applications, I only get web search options. 


Would a reindex help? I suppose I am doing something fundamentally wrong here.





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@Tethys Which version of Alfred are you using? Please make sure you're on Alfred 4.3+ first, as both the Move to action and finding the Applications folder should work normally.


Could you pop an email to info@ with your Diagnostics file? You can get this file by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred, and can then attach it to your email. 


Could you also try using the built-in troubleshooting tool (under Alfred's Preferences > Help > Troubleshooting > File Search Troubleshooting, and provide the output from a few files or folders you're unable to find when searching?



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