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option to disable system text replacement

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I have setting system text replacement, like qq. system will replace with number 123456789.


I hava setting a workflow and key word set as qq. when I trigger with qq in alfred's input , text will replace,It's very inconvenient unless I click esc.


So I hope alfred can support option to disable system text replacement




First of all, the reason for using system text replacement is that it does not require some prefixes, which is more convenient





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@Alan He Alfred can't override macOS's own text expansion, so your best bet is to change your macOS text expansion to something less likely to be accidentally triggered (e.g. replace "qq" with "!qq" with an exclamation mark prefix), or disable it altogether as you can create these as snippets in Alfred.



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Understand what you mean, then this is the only way.

The reason why system text replacement is still needed is that I need to consider the support on iOS for some texts, so that it can be used across multiple types of devices.

Therefore, the system level and Alfred's Snippet are complementary to a certain extent to solve text replacement

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